Friday, 9 July 2010

Exciting Times

WOW. wow. Where on earth do I start? I just graduated from University College Falmouth, UK with a BA Hons in Illustration, with a most satisfying 2:1! So glad to be done and dusted, and waiting for the next adventure!

But the adventures are coming alot quicker than I thought! Firstly, I had the second story of The Phlunk from Lou Rhodes just before a trip to New York, which is currently being doodled to threads inside my sketchbook! New York went very well, with great feedback from Nickelodeon and Harper Collins. Speaking to HP on a regular basis via email.. who knows?

Then, the success of The Eden Exhibition with fellow creative Sarah Lucy Baker. Had a great time and met some other great artists with like-minded work, contacts contacts! Along with a whole £10 earned on postcards, worth every penny.

I was invited to the private view of the latest Damien Hirst exhibition 'Tamed' in Torbay, which was interesting but I'm not sure how well the press are taking it, I guess not many people like dead cows much. Might be the 'Devon' thing! Still very unsure how or why I was personally and privately invited, but either way I'm very priviledged!

Happy with the progression of artwork, I checked my email to find a commission request from Torbay Arts Council to produce a mural by Torquay Seafront and Torre Abbey Meadow. I'm stupidly happy! It's paid, and its great exposure. Working with the Gingko project too to encourage children with art, I still can't believe I'm going to fill a 8x4ft board when my work is so small and detailed. It's such a great feeling that someone saw my work and wanted it.
New Designers 2010 is going swimmingly well, I've had a commission for cancer research (which I've heard many people have) from someone who's seen my work, AND TODAY I had a call regarding a job offer who'd seen my New Designers board. I'm so happy!

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