Sunday, 29 November 2009

That Alotment Project

Here's some of the images from the alotment project, seem's so long ago now. It made me like photoshop a little bit actually :) But I never, not ever, want to create a puzzle wallchart again please.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Everything is sweet.

Sweet man, life is still peachy.

So let me rant a little update :) Everything is so inspirational at the moment. Im not sure if thats necessarily a good thing, I have my fingers in so many pies and its difficult to divide my time efficiently, but the pies are all ridiculously tasty. Im a fattie. And its good.

Firstly, managed to pull off the exhibition with some of my university homies, its all going tiptop and looking really professional. Im so excited about all of the work and ideas, im so into negative space and aura and the moment, and the gallery is so beautiful, almost perfect. St ives crypt! I mean, actual famous people have exhibited and worked there, like Gabo and Hepworth!

Come along on the 5th of Dec, i'll post details soon-ish.

And that exact same week i'll be in the Helston Gallery for the christmas exhibition, which seems to be fairly productive actually. Got some nice little ideas stewing well, and so far Im loving doing that. I feel so motivated. And that isn't even sarcastic!

Im really appreciating being at uni lately, sometimes walking from the studio to the library is the best part of my day at woodlane, its such a lovely place to be this time of year and I know this is my last chance to be appreciative of it. Thanks falmouth :)

Walter Benjamin; now i KNOW shes been dead a fair few years, but I think ive fallen in love with his mind, because im getting really into reading his theories of art. I think I want to read even more, and moreandmoremoremore. The dissertation is going well so far, just written my title and synopsis. "Mechanical Reproduction of art changes the reaction of the masses towards art. Discuss" .... lets not mention the alotment, sad times there.

I will close rant now, but on a final note; and probably the most important: to fringe or not to fringe?

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Weddings Weddings

Here's a commission for a "Save the date" wedding card.

Friday, 28 August 2009

This summer makes me feel so good.

I'm so so pleased, I can't believe how motivated and inspired by everything and everyone. Thank you. I found out today that I sold all three of my Babahog pieces. I'm overwhelmed! Well done to Jess for selling one of hers too. Life is peachy.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Bits and bobs from summer 2009

Here are just a few other images I have done in my spare time... but there are more to come :) Its really nice to be producing without a client brief sometimes, so I feel all refreshed again when the final year of my degree begins.

Episode One Exhibition @ The Chelston Gallery (Private View)

Episode One Exhibition @ The Chelston Gallery
14th August 2009 - The Private View

Episode One is the Fine Art debut of three exciting local artists; Arianne Dubash, Tori Elliott and Sarah Lucy Baker. Having grown up in Devon, they met while studying Fine Art and Photography at Teign School, Kingsteignton. After taking time away to study and further develop their practice in a range of artistic disciplines ranging from Scenic Painting to Illustration, they have decided to stage a collaborative exhibition marking the establishment of professional artistic identity within the industry.

A celebration of their unique styles and enquiring approach to Fine Art, Episode One shows the Artists’ intention and commitment to develop their individual practices as well as giving an exciting glimpse of new promising excellence. This exhibition is the first step in three artistic careers which promise to push the boundaries of contemporary art.

Episode One Exhibition @ The Chelston Gallery (Artwork)

So, myself and two of my creative friends, Arianne Dubash and Sarah Lucy Baker decided to collaborate and produce our debut exhibition, to experience the real creative industry and take our first steps into the big wide world.

Below are the pieces I submitted for the Exhibition, we decided to feature work that suggested our character and have personal influence, and which best suited our styles; as Episode One was our first step.

I decided to express my love of Devon, and using the repetition of the houses that I adored as a child, their pattern, and the landscapes which I call home.

"No Place Like Home" - Brixham

"Nowhere Else I'd Rather Be" - Teignmouth

"Over The Hills And Far Away" - Dartmouth

"Home Sweet Home" - Teignmouth

"Carnival" - Teignmouth

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Babahoggggs [4inch]

I finnnnally did something with my month off so far :)
When Babahogs put up the [4inch] event on their site, I decided I probably could do something for it, bearing in mind this was like 2 months ago. THIS friday I started thinking about it - and its due in on the 1st of July - eep! Sewing didn't go so good, and I got stressed out and humpfy, so I didn't want to do it anymore... rained today and I did this :)

We had to make three 4x4inch pieces, they could be any topic and medium, and they didn't have to work together (though I'm still contemplating if mine actually do..).

They sell for £10 each, £3 to the artcafe Babahogs and £7 to the artist. Nifty?

Go see them all, they're up in Babahogs, Well Lane, Falmouth from Monday 6th July - Sunday 18th July.

Friday, 5 June 2009

New & Old, Old & New

So I've just had my second year assessment for my Illustration degree and it went really really well. I was quite anxious about it, as I haven't really enjoyed the projects that I have been doing this semester. I should have been putting more effort in, but I seem to have flown through the assessment, surprisingly! And it's so nice to hear that everyone else has done so well too, there are 1st's and high 2:1's flying all about the place! Well done all you lovely people.

I did this editorial for a Guardian article about majority and minority influence on groups in the workplace, called "Hands Up If You're An Individual". Alan Male, my course leader was really drawn to it and said that I should continue working in this style. 

Its true, I've completely strained from my roots, I loved drawing in biro and using texture, but then I leaked into the world of Gouache, and it just isn't in my nature or skills to paint. So this was one of my first illustrations back into my old style, and I like it, actually. 

And this blogspot is to encourage me to do more work like this, and put it here to document.

A Mid Summer Night's Dream was always one of my favourite Shakespearean plays, I read it once in the senior year of Primary school, and then again in the second year of Secondary school. I'm not a massive fan of Shakespeare's plays, but this one seems magical and nice. And one day I'd so have a party themed around it. This is the book jacket that I designed using ink and biro for a new edition of the book, for a University project.

Amblongousie Pie

These are a few illustrations from my edition of "How To Make An Amblongous Pie" by Edward Lear, which I created in the first year of my Illustration degree at Falmouth University. 

I like these, I do like these.

A few little bits and pieces

I like cute things. I like things that make you stop and think about someone you haven't seen in a long while, even if its someone you'd rather forget. I like it when doodles fit with thoughts, and when thoughts fit with doodles. I like it when the sun shines even in the evenings. I like having cups of tea with milk and one sugar in pretty porcelain cups with flowers on, but I'm never a dunker.