Friday, 5 June 2009

New & Old, Old & New

So I've just had my second year assessment for my Illustration degree and it went really really well. I was quite anxious about it, as I haven't really enjoyed the projects that I have been doing this semester. I should have been putting more effort in, but I seem to have flown through the assessment, surprisingly! And it's so nice to hear that everyone else has done so well too, there are 1st's and high 2:1's flying all about the place! Well done all you lovely people.

I did this editorial for a Guardian article about majority and minority influence on groups in the workplace, called "Hands Up If You're An Individual". Alan Male, my course leader was really drawn to it and said that I should continue working in this style. 

Its true, I've completely strained from my roots, I loved drawing in biro and using texture, but then I leaked into the world of Gouache, and it just isn't in my nature or skills to paint. So this was one of my first illustrations back into my old style, and I like it, actually. 

And this blogspot is to encourage me to do more work like this, and put it here to document.

A Mid Summer Night's Dream was always one of my favourite Shakespearean plays, I read it once in the senior year of Primary school, and then again in the second year of Secondary school. I'm not a massive fan of Shakespeare's plays, but this one seems magical and nice. And one day I'd so have a party themed around it. This is the book jacket that I designed using ink and biro for a new edition of the book, for a University project.

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