Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Reviewing Concepts

I realised that I hadn't posted some conceptual work I produced for a company, way back in early summer. I guess it didn't seem right to until I heard either way if it was going to be used! As it happens, the company sent a few follow up emails and then I didn't hear from them again.

However I really enjoy this mini project, to produce an Easter range for a childs party set, including cake decorations and table attire. It was a conceptual project and therefore the images are fairly rushed, and just needed to convey an idea. I truly love work like this, and hell I may even make it all anyway, some day!

Click for details, the pictures are much nicer close up!

The company also produced Cake Boxes for an individual cupcake. These were my concepts.

I think I'm going to set myself a few more conceptual projects over 2012, and hope to pick up some conceptual commissions to boot! I sometimes feel that I'm much stronger in conceptualising than producing an illustration, but only time will tell!

I'd really like to hear your thoughts on these pieces, sorry I kept them in the dark for so long! x

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