Thursday, 7 February 2013

Phlunk all around the place

Time for an actual blog update!
Its been a very long time and lots of very exciting things are happening at the moment!

Tell me, you've already bought your very own copy of 'The Phlunk' written by Lou Rhodes?
YOU HAVEN'T!? Well why ever not?! I illustrated it, silly heads! Its a lovely children's book about a cat-like alien that hears all you say and do, and you can buy a signed copy, right here right now, via my website! Its also in your local Waterstones, so pop in and ask a lovely staff member to order one into store especially for you. 

You can also find it over at Amazon, but stop them killing independent bookshops by buying locally and support Illustrators and writers!

The book has been received really well with all of the reviews that we have had so far, with parents and guardians often being unsure of it but their children loving it! I'll link up some of the reviews from lovely bloggers and book reviewers just below, so you should definitely read and follow these people for more great reviews!

Fancy writing one of your own? Contact me about it!

Being Little wrote some sweet words.
Read It Daddy gave his honest opinion.
The Book Sniffer gave a wag of its tail.
MG decided it was her book of the week.
The Book Bag took the words right out of my mouth.
Chicken and Frog are now happy stockists.

And I'll end on that note, with a love tree that was commissioned not so long ago.

Keep Phlunking! x

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