Monday, 25 February 2013

Time to get the paintbrushes out again

So recently I've had a fair amount of work on with children's book work, and also a few commissions. This small canvas below always seems to attract an interest when people contact me, and I jumped at the chance to do another one to break the continuity of drawing musical instruments and cat-like aliens!

"There's No Place Like Home" Brixham, 30cm x 30cm canvas in 2009

I received the commission to paint Teignmouth seafront, which is a beautiful part of Devon, and only 15 minutes from my front door. Also, since the canvas was to be sent to New Zealand, I needed to split it across 4 smaller canvas' to be mounted separately. 

I can't claim to be a fine artist in any stretch of the imagination, but I thoroughly enjoyed putting my small stamp on this painting. Its definitely got my mind into thinking about creating scenery and different types of work with my decoupage/digital collage style. 

Sorry about the poor quality photo, it was taken on my phone late into the evening! 

And here are the individual splits!

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